We offer servicing of most instruments - For specifics of what you get in each stage please click on the appropriate link for your instrument.

For a Guitar / Electric / Acoustic / Bass / Mandolin / Banjo this involves
                 -  Clean your instrument
                 -  Adjusting the truss rod for optimum relief
                 -  Recrown the frets (so they are not flat anymore and intonation is correct)
                 -  Check electronics
                 -  Re-oil the fretboard
                 - Adjust action height for optimum play
                 - Set intonation at the saddle
                 - Play the instrument and check for other issues

For a Violin / Cello /Dbl Bass this involves
                 - Cleaning the instrument
                 - Setting and adjusting bridge
                 - Adjustiing Nut if necessary
                 - Relocating sound post if required
                 - Re-oiling Fingerboard
For  Woodwind or Brasswind it consists of test playing your instrument, stripping/cleaning/re-assembling/re-greasing/re-oiling, identifying whats wrong and fixing it back up. We replace silencing corks or pads as required - we have an allowance for replacement of 3 pads or body corks included into the price. If your instrument requires more work than what is covered we will contact you. We offer a 3 month RTB (Return To Base) warranty on the repairs & workmanship.

We also offer general services outside of the above groups, these include dent removal, body straightening, custom mill or lathe work,  repair of broken posts ect. These are charged out at a general shop rate of $60+ GST plus parts, but they will be quoted on prior to commencement of work.
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