The Violin / Cello / Dbl Bass are perfect examples of fine craftmanship and
music joined together,

As such we offer all services for the repair and restoration of these beautiful instruments

Rebuild and Remanufacture fingerboards

Rebuild and Remanufacture Bodies Inlays Purflings

Recut nuts and bridges for easy string action

Rebuild and repair body tops sides bottoms

Restring Instruments and rehair bows

Any repair needed can be easily undertaken in our dedicated workshop

We also specialise in budget repairs to keep your instrument going.
Violin Repairs
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Rebuilding a Cello with a multitute of cracks and refinishing
"How to"
Make Violin Fingerboard
"How to"
Shape Violin Bridge
Some "HOW TO" of Violin repairs
"How to"
Geared Peg Mod Cello
"How to"
Adjustable Feet Dbl Bass