"How To" Make Violin Fingerboard
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It does not matter if your Violin / Cello / Bass is a $100 instrument or $10,000 dollar unit, when it needs a repair it needs a repair.

The repair for us does not chnage subject to the instruments value.

This Violin needs a new fingerboard, school unbit and the fingerboard just dis-appeared.

This is the process for making a new fingerboard.

Time to repair approx 2hrs over 2 days.
All sanded level.
The fingerboard only needs to be 6mm thick, this blank is 15mm, so we resaw it along its length.
Like so.
Laying the neck of the violin onto our blank we trace the neck outline.
We then bandsaw off, our un-wanted wood
Profile shape the edges to our pen marks.
We then do a relief scallop on the section that projects over the body of the violin, I simply use the edge of a drum sander
The first thing to do is sand flat the neck for a flat surface to attach the fingerboard too.
Not the most high tech tool in use, its a classical bridge with sandpaper underneath.
A nice block of ebony.
You can see on this Bass fingerboard a better example of what I am referring to as far as scalloping wood away from the extension area.
There is also no hard and fast rule for shaping the top of the fingerboard, it is whats comfortable for you.

Bass fingerboard again being used as an example.