We are not your average guitar repair centre, we specialise in the refabrication of parts for your guitar

We hand wind original pickups or can supply after market replacements

Repair all electronic components

Rebuild and Remanufacture necks / truss rods / frets / fret boards / tuners

Rebuild and Remanufacture Bodies / Acoustic guitar sides / Inlays

Recut nuts and bridges for easy string action

If its on your Guitar we can fix it or manufacture it from scratch
Guitar Repairs
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L5C - Double Carbon Fibre Trussrod Modification / Installation
New Headplate
Paua shell inlay logo
Scalloped Fretbooard
Fluoro Dna Chain inlayed
Full refret Jumbos
Swirl Body Paint Job
Trem Upgrade
Paint work
Flood Damaged - Restoration
Custom Builds
67 Gibson Neck and Body  -   Found under a house  -   Full restoration
Installation of a footpedal into the side of a guitar
Manufacture of broken parts for Rare Vintage Machine heads in house
Custom Design and Inlay to customers drawings
Crack repairs are one of our specialtys.
Before to After - Click the link for more photos of this one
Another Before to After - Click the link for more photos of this one
Grafting a new piece of wood into headplate and refinish
Snapped headstock, splined and refinished
Please be advised, over the Christmas / New year period, we can only do limited guitar repairs.