These are some interesting repairs we have had to do, these are during repair, it was not done as a photo tutorial, but we have assembled an approximate repair process from the available photos we had kept
Nasty 1
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Folks, dont cheat on your partner and leave your pride and joy within there reach
A customer was up working in the mines, his partner became aware of some ?'able activitys, she left him this present
So funny stuff aside, first we remove whats left of the top, and start repairing the side damage
We addressed some old repairs, notice the old mess, its not easy to do through the sound hole, ask any repairer
A new top is made and sounded out, rosette fitted during top manufacture
The edge is routed for new purfling and binding
Purfling fitted and left to dry
Edge bound
Fretboard preshaping
Fretboard fitted/ fretted up/ bridge fitted
Another view in natural finish
After discussion, a new colour scheme was incorporated to the customers taste, and fret markers at the 12th, positioned to customers wishes.