"How To" Dbl Bass Adjustable bridge feet
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Fingerboards on instruments like Cellos and Dbl Bass's change shape fractionally due to weather changes, also people change the height of the strings above the fingerboard subject to the style of music they play.

One of the many things you can do to accomodate these variations is to fit adjustable feet to the Bridge, this walk through is showing said process being done to a clients Dbl Bass.

Time to repair approx 2 hrs.
With the bridge cut and fitted, we can now modify the feet for the mechanisms.
Using the tips of the feet as a reference point.
I draw a line, one rulers width underneath, the distance is not critical just that it is square with the body of the bridge.
Like so.
The thumbwheel is just shy of 5mm.
So a second set of lines are marked out 5mm lower, if you would like to be able to adjust the bridge lower, then you can make this gap larger
With a bandsaw I split the feet in half between the marks.
The edges are then squared up to my drawn lines with the use of a disc sander.
Adjustable feet mechanisms are specific to the instrument, example 1/4 Dbl Bass will use a different set of adjustable feet than a 4/4 Dbl Bass

Four parts to the unit, a threaded anchor, thumbwheel, threaded section, brass socket.
First, the bridge is fitted as per standard, attached is a link for a "how to" cut a bridge on a violin, exactly the same process.
On one side of the feet, put a couple of marks for future reference, this helps with alignment after the feet have been cut off.
Find the centre point of all 4 surfaces, I draw lines across the middle from the edges.