We offer two levels of service for your Instrument,

The first level of service we offer is what we call a Servicing  3 months Warranty $88
           - Completely strip the unit
           - Wash and degrease all the years ogf muck / grease
           - Replace damaged body corks
           - Replace damaged pads as required (up to 3)
           - Re-adjust all the mechanisms for sharp response
           - Test play your instrument

The Second level of Service we offer is Repad 1 year Warranty, The price on this repair
is subjective to the  instrument type repaired, example a Clarinet Repad is $240 + GST,
a Flute Repad is $260 + GST, an Alto Sax repad is $500 + GST

           - We completely strip the unit
           - Wash and degrease all the years of muck / final polish
           - Repair broken posts
           - Replace any weak or damaged springs
           - New body corks
           - New pads installed on every key
           - All mechanisms re-adjusted for sharp repsonse
           - Polish out unwanted labels or school engravings
           - Test play your instrument

Woodwind Repairs
So whats in a service
First, we strip the instrument of all its keys, be it a sax / flute / clarinet / oboe etc

We examine the instrument on dis-assembly for:
- Loose posts
- Loose keys
- Loose Mechanisms
- Worn Pads
- Worn Felts
- Bent Keys
- Missing Corks
- Plus many many more things

We submerge the instrument in an ultrasonic cleaner

The Idea is to remove all the muck around the keys and under the posts, also to remove the bioligical build up inside the instrument

After immersion it is fresh water washed and allowed to dry
The keys are all hand cleaned
The rods are cleaned and polished
The fresh cleaned instrument is prepped for the re-assembly

All noted problems on the tear down are rectified and parts replaced / manufactured as required
Each key is checked for end play and assembled with fresh oils and greases,

The action is checked sprung and unsprung for resistance and freedom of movement
The assembly is carried out in stacks

Lower stack First
Side Keys and octave mech
Bell Keys and mechanisms
Upper stack
Palms and remainders
At completion we have a functional repaired instrument
Into a special lighted booth, fitted out with mirrors and rotary mounting table, to be able to identify any leak for fine adjustment
Final test play and its finished
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