Banjos and Mandolins and all forms of inbetween are unique instruments,

As such we offer all services for the repair and restoration of these beautiful instruments

Rebuild and Remanufacture Fretboards

Installation of 5th Nuts and Pegs, Railway Spikes / Capos

Rebuild and Remanufacture Bodies Inlays Purflings

Recut nuts and bridges for easy string action

Rebuild and repair body tops sides bottoms

Fitment of new Drum heads

Any repair needed can be easily undertaken in our dedicated workshop

We also specialise in budget repairs to keep your instrument going.
Banjo Mandolin Repairs
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One of many restorations
Manufacturing in house one piece resonators
Full rebuild, New Headplate, New fretboard, New Pearls, New Skin, New Tuners
"How to"
Replace Banjo Skin
Some "HOW TO" of Banjo repairs
"How to"
Repair Split Laminates
"How to"
Install Banjo Spikes
"How to"
Tension Banjo Head
"How to"
Replace Banjo 5th Peg
"How to"
Install Banjo Neck
"How to"
Remove-Refit Fretboard
"How to"
Install a Truss Rod