"How To" Banjo Neck Install
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Sometimes necks are just bad, this is the situation with this banjo, as such the manufacturer has supplied another neck, this is the process to fit a neck to a banjo

Be it a manufacturers replacement neck or an aftermarket neck the process is still the same.

Time to repair approx 3 hrs.
Take a long piece of wood, big enough to fit the drum shell and neck onto it.
Place the neck at one end and make a mark onto the centre line at the heel end of the neck.
Measure the width of the neck at the heel.
Mark approximatley half the heel width in each direction onto the centre line
Same at the headstock end.
Mark half each side
Place the drum assembly onto the opposite end of our wood, and align with our centreline markings.
The new neck comes with screw anchors (in the banjo world these are known as hangar bolts / lag bolts), one end of the anchor is a screw shape the opposite end is threaded.
First we need to remove the 5th peg, attached link on this process
Mark a centre line down the length.
Measure the internal shaft thickness below the threads, here it is 3.55mm