"How To" Banjo Skin Replacement
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Banjos and derivatives there off, Banjo-Mandos / Banjo-Ukes have a drum head fitted, this drum head wears over time, they also get damaged, small impacts and tears.

Some skins are made of plastic and we change them with a natural skin for more depth of tone.

This repair is showing how we replace one of these drum heads with natural skin.

Replacement skins can be Calf, Cow, Kangaroo, Goat and so forth, each skin imparts a different sound.

Time to repair approx 2 hrs over 2 days (skin drying time)
Using a small lever we pry the drum assembly from the resonator.
We then remove our tension rods from around the perimeter of the drum assembly
With our small pry bar, we then seperate the outer shell,
Place the outer shell to one side
Remove the skin from the base shell, it will have a small steel ring fitted at the base of the skin.
Then remove the ring.
The three major components of the drum assembly.
We measure the distance across the top of the outer shell
First we remove the hardware fitted to the instrument, strings, bridge, tailpiece.
The drum head assembly is screwed into place around the perimeter, so we just remove those screw.
One drum head assembly.
Talking with the customer and listening to what they are after, we are reskinning this one with Kangaroo skin, we keep full hides in the shop of Calf / Deer / Kangaroo and Goat