"How To" Remove Refit Fretboard
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Many reasons exist for the removal of a fretboard, from access to a broken trussrod, to repairing a warped neck, also for fitment of a trussrod to a neck that does not have one.

This walk through is for the removal of a fretboard on a Banjo so we can fit a Truss rod to rectify severe neck warpage.

Time to repair approx 2 hrs over 2 days (glue drying times)
The heat blanket goes over the top
The unit is programmable
For a fretboard I heat to 290 F, and allow it to heat soak for 20 minutes
Sometimes the heat soak time can be more or less, best way to judge is by feeling how warm the back of the neck is, experience allows us to decided longer or shorter times.
After 20ish minutes, we remove the blanket
Using a small spatula we slice under one edge of the board, if it wont go under, refit the blanket and heatsoak it for a longer period
This one, the spatula went under, I then insert another spatula above my initial one, this reduces the risk of damage to the neck.
In a back and forth motion we work the board until we cannot go any further, the glue has rehardened.
You can just use a house iron to remove a fretboard, here I am using a heat blanket from LMII as the heat is more controlled
The unit first has a temperature sensor which you place against the wood.
Add some cauls to weight the blanket against the fretboard
Leaving the spatulas in place we reheat the section of board