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Hidden Splines
Visible Splines light Shading
Shading Only on crack repair
Headstock Refinishing
When finishing a headstock, you have to decide if you want to see the grain or hide the grain.

If you want to be able to see the grain then we use Stains in the lacquer

If you want to hide the grain then we use Pigments in the lacquer.

There are times we use a Stain to tint the Pigment to achieve a desired colour.

This 335 Gibson, had a snapped headstock which required splines to finish, the customer did not want to see the splines at completion, so we mix Pigments to get our colour and mix that with the lacquer.

The ratio was three Red Pigment drops to one Black Pigment drop to 30mls of Lacquer, if you look at the heel in the original before photo, you will note the new colour matched in perfectly.
Another 335, we have used this picture for comparison to the above photo.

This one the customer was happy to see the splines, the splines are made of maple, the wood of the neck is made from mahogany, so there will always be a colour mis-match

Using Tints only, we have used a Cherry mix -  30mls of Lacquer.
This was a snapped neck, we have created a blend of Pigment and Stain.

The Pigment discolours the damaged area and the Stain matches the colour in.

In this scenario, we used one drop of Brown Pigment and 10 drops of Medium Brown stain mixed in 30mls of Lacquer.