"How To" Reglue Broken Headstock
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When a Headstock snaps off, sometimes you can be more fortunate than others, if the crack runs with the grain and has simply split along the grain lines, then simple alignment and glue can rectify the issue.

If you have a crack that has broken the grain lines,you need to incorporate a re-inforcement of the area, attached is a link to our splining process

Approximate time to complete 2-2.5 hrs over two days (Glue drying times)
Having removed al the ancillary items, we now need to clean the break, we remove any loose fibres,smooth and align any bits inside the break. The joint needs to come back together neat and tight.
Temporarily close the joint up,this can be achieved by laying the headstock against something,you will note we are missing a small bit of wood
With the joint closed up,we need to make a clamping caul, this is easily achieved with thermoplastic, you simply dip it in hot water,it softens and then hardens up as it cools
We mould the thermo plastic to the neck shape
One clamping caul,and some titebond to glue the crack closed with.
Plenty of glue.
After 24 hrs you can remove the clamps
Surface smoothed,now to deal with the missing piece of wood
Typical headstock break, where the split is with the grain
First remove all machine heads, strings, nut, saddle, bridge pins,truss rod cover etc.
Joint all cleaned and prepared.
Using the caul,clamp the joint closed, on flat surfaces you can clamp straight onto the wood.
With 220 grit sandpaper we start to smooth the broken surface.