"How To" Repair Split Headstock
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Headstocks that are set at an angle, are slightly more susceptable to damage, one of the most common types of damage, is where the neck splits down the back behind the fretboard.

This type of crack, is known as a face plant injury, its typically caused from taking a small impact into the face of the headstock, which has split the back of the neck. Occassionally it happens from not being supported in its case properly and the strings have been loosened for shipping, when the case is knocked over, the weight of the tuners causes a whiplash injury resulting in the same damage.

This guitar has visual damage on the headstock to show where it has hit, not all guitars will show damage in this area, as sometimes the impact is taken onto the tuners.

Time to repair approx 3 hrs over 3 days (glue drying times)
First remove all the strings / tailpiece and saddle.
I use a small holding dolly to support the instrumenty when doing face plant repairs.
On the body I place some low tack tape.
We place the dolly onto the guitars back.
Join and connect the two together.
With a couple of clamps, I secure the dolly to a workbench.
Along the edge of the workbench, I clamp the headstock down to the bench, by doing this, it opens the crack up further.
Like so, nice and open.
Clearly this one has hit on the top corner of the heaqdstock.
Resultant split that has happened.
With a razor blade, lightly score the front of the nut, so it does not take paint with it when you remove the nut.
Using some titebond, we smear both sides of the neck with glue.