"How To" Replace Pickup Covers
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Pickup covers are simply plated pieces of metal, that plating slowly wears away and gets damaged over time, replacement covers can be purchased from $10-$20 dollars each.

Replacing these covers is not a difficult job, and far cheaper than replacing the pickups compleltey with new ones.

Time to repair approx 2 hrs.
Remove the 4 plastic guard mounting screws and remove the pickup from the body.
Repeat for the other one.
Whilst the pickups are out, give the area a general clean and check the screw holes to see if they need repairing as these typically get worn.
Using a sharp chisel, I slice the solder away,try not to use heat to remove the solder, more risk of actually damaging the pickup if you do it that way.
Sliced through, repeat for the opposite side.
Remove the outer plastic guard if you have not already done so.
Simply press out the pickup, you may have to wiggle it a bit, they are a tight fit.
Locate the new cover in place, make sure the magnet spacings are correct, these come in different configurations.
Old covers, typical plating break down and string wear.
Cut the two pickup wires to the two volume pots as noted by the red arrows.
Set it aside
Push it home until the screws come through the covers