Broken Screws
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This guitar has two broken screws in the rear tremelo cavity cover, we are going to remove the broken screws, repair the body and refit new screws.

Approximate time to do a repair like this is about 1 hr over the space of a half a day (glue dry time).
Whilst trying to remove the cover plate we also found a stripped head, so here we are counter drilling the head only
We stop drilling before hitting the plastic.

The guitar is vacuumed to remove the swarf so it does not mark the guitar up, you can if you wish apply tape, but this has some risks of lifting the paint work if it is fragile.
After removing the rear cover we now have access to the broken screws.
We use a hollow boring tube to core around the screws
The tube leaves the screw in place and removes wood from around its circumference
Once you have cored deep enough, the screw simply falls out, normally the coring tool will pull it out.
Three screws removed
We fill the holes with titebond wood glue
We insert some maple dowels
Once dry, we part the exposed core of with a chisel
Prepped and cleaned
Bit of black texta goes a long way
The rear cover plate is re-affixed and then we pre-drill the new holes.

Use a stop guide on your drill bit, so you do not accidently drill to deep.
New screws and job is finished