"How To" Install Preamp Ukelele
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When you buy an instrument, they do not always come with an electronic system fitted, the options you have post purchase are an endpin system, a pre-amp system or clip on system.

The owner of this ukelele would like a pre-amp system fitted so they can adjust the controls from the outside

Time to install approx 1hr.
Unpacking the pre-amp, we have a pre-amp box, input jack, pieze pickup, soundboard clip for wires and some screws.
Laying the pre-amp box over the back, we find the best contour match of the pre-amps cover plate.
Using a black texta we mark this location.
Like so.
Using a T Square off the top we transfer those lines to the sides of the Ukelele.
Again, like so.
The heigth of the system is 32.76mm, so we need a 33mm hole.
The side height is 74.44mm
New out of the case Ukelele
Pre-amp system supplied from Music store.
Using some low tack tape we protect the instrument from our tools and markings.
Subtracting the box height from the sides height, we get a location for the pre-amp.

Texta its location.