How to Install an Endpin Pickup
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This guitar has no pickup system, the simplest systems to install are the Endpin Units, in this tutorial we are utilising a Martin Thinline unit.

Approximate time to do a repair like this is about 1 hr.
Lightly scribe a line along the saddle to indicate how far it is protruding out of the bridge.
This guitar already has an endpin fitted, so this makes our job a little easier as we do not need to identify the centre point for fitment.
We measure the width of the endpin system so we know what size hole needs to be drilled.
Using a stepped reamer we open the existing hole up to 11.5mm.
Then follow up with an exact 12mm reamer, this reduces any chance of tear out or slippage.
Pull the endpin un it apart as shown.
Using a Input jack bar we feed into the back of the guitar through our new hole.
We fit the jack bar into the system and then draw it out the back.
Insert and then remove the endpin system and adjust until the input jack comes out a neat tidy distance
Lightly fit the system back up, do not tighten too much as we will need to remove it later.
Measure the thickness of the pickup element.
Fit it into the saddle slot upside down, to make sure it fits the slot.
Check internally there are no braces in the way for when we drill through the bridge and the top of the guitar
Drill away.