"How To" Bookmatch
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Book matching or Slip matching is a term used to split a piece of wood in half and rejoin it on its centre line.

We do this to create visually pleasing planks that can be used for drop tops, backs, acoustic tops and so forth.

In this instance, I am going to make a drop top approx 20mm thick.

Time to manufacture approx 2 hrs over 2 days (glue drying times)
This is the opposite side.
Example, these two locations are not touching.
I like to sand my joints together, some people prefer a plane
The base of this jig has a glass plate fitted to it, the plate has sandpaper attached, we simply move the board back and forwards until it has a flat edge.
Check the join again.
Repeat until its a nice tight fit, no light visible when touching.
I have a specialty clamping jig that I use for joining tops, normal clamps are sufficient for clamping the wood together
This is the base of my specialty clamp.
First we must split a dressed piece of wood down its length, here I am using a 14 inch bandsaw with a 1 inch wide blade.
After splitting the wood down its centre, we open it up like a book (hence the term bookmatching).
Placing the two pieces together and holding the join up to a light we look for areas where the wood is not touching.
Place the wood onto the surface.