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Dressed wood is a terminolgy used to distinguish lumber yard wood, to wood that has been prepared for commercial use.

Builders and Repairers buy wholesale from lumber yards, this allows us to pick and choose nice pieces at a very cheap rate, Dressed wood is commercially sold from Hardware Stores, Music shops, Luthier Suppliers and sometimes from Guitar Builders.

A dressed piece of wood, has 4 parrallel and evenly thicknessed sides.

To dress a piece of Lumber yard wood to "Dressed Wood" takes around 15 minutes.
"How To" Dress Wood
From the lumber yard, after being cut and allowed to settle, the wood will slighty warp.
An example, when it was passed through the saw at the yard, it would have been a straight edge. Having relaxed and settled its now jagged and rough.
The saws used in lumber yards are massive and leave a very jagged edge cut.
The Jointer.

The purpose of a jointer is to allow one side of the wood to be flat.

It achieves this by having an infeed and outfeed side to the blade, the outfeed side is higher than the infeed side, as the blade cuts the fresh wood, it then rides flat on a new surface.
The blade fitted to a jointer.
Infeed and outfeed, you can see the outfeed of the jointer is higher than the infeed.
After passing the wood over the blade we have a nice flat surface. This is surface 1 done.
We also pass one of the main sides over as well. This is surface 2 done.
The Thicknesser.

Having jointed two sides we now need to thickness the other side to be parrallel.
Passing the wood through the thicknesser with the jointed side on the bottom, the thicknesser will plane the opposite side to an even height.
The Table Saw

The final side has to be slid along a fence through a tablesaw blade, this cuts a final square edge.
One trimmed and cleaned wood edge, side 4 finished.
Having thicknessed the other side, we now have 3 sides finished.
Dressed piece of wood, ready for sale or ready for luthiery work.