"How To" Strap Pin Removal
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Strap pins and locks and small holes in general may need to be filled for a variety or reasons.

The Manufacturer of this guitar fitted the strap pin on the underside of the neck heel, customer does not like the balance it provides, so it requires removal.

Time to repair approx 2 hrs over 2 days (glue and finish drying times)
It is slightly larger than the existing screw hole.
Trim the dowel down to appromiate height.
Fill the hole with some titebond.
Place the dowel into the hole and check its not too tight.
If all feels good, tap it home.
After 24 hrs drying time, we use a chisel and slice it to shape and height.
Wolla plugged and shaped..
Using our colour matching system, we find vintage maple is the best choice.

Attached link for more info on this process.
So first job is to remove strap pin, a screwdriver is all that is needed.
Using some round stock, we find the smallest piece that will fill the hole.
So we dril the screw hole out to the new size, I prefer to use a reamer but drills are just fine.
With just a cotton bud, we colour the top.

Typically this is where you would complete the job, followed up with maybe a touch of lacquer to cover the stain.

However this tutorial is about making the hole completley invisible and the tricks of the trade we utilise to achieve this.