"How To" Splint Repair
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When a guitar has a major split in the top or sides, its usually contributable to humidity or damage.

Sometimes it can be contributed to a guitar being made from non dry wood.

This repair is dealing with a guitar with a split top, it has been repaired numerous times for other issues and this has possibly contributed to it not being capable of closing up.

Time to repair 3hrs (over 2 days)
Its not going to hurt the guitar, so regardless I am going to put it into the humidity cabinet, this will stabilise it at our ideal 50 percent.
After 2 days we check it again, no change to the split in the top.

So we will proceed with the repair.
Using a mirror internally we check and can see light through the top.
Using a chisel mounted on wheels, I am going to carve a small vee shape into the crack.
Like so.
Give it a good clean of all carved sections.
Before I splint it, I need to stabilise the surface, here we have a cleat which we are going to fit inside along the length of the crack.
The back of this guitar has a major split, no amount of force or clamping on the sides will bring it back together, perfect candidate for a splint repair.
Before we start I always check the humidity inside the guitar

40-60 percent is pretty common, 50 percent is the ideal.
Mounting it on my caul and using titebond.
We place it internally against the crack