"How To" Spline Neck Heel
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When a Neck snaps at the heel and we have broken grain, you cannot rely on glue to hold it back on any more.

In this instance we route into the heel and insert two cross grain splines, one each side of the neck. 

Time to repair approx 3 hrs over 3 days (glue drying times)
Remove all the strings and pins.

Prepare the guitar for neck removal.
Once we remove all the fasteners holding the neck on, we can decide how to approach the repair.
The anchor simply falls straight out of the broken section

We will need to add additional strength to this area, hence the need to spline the heel area.
First we align the good bits back together, titebond glue is sufficient.
Align the two surfaces.
Apply a singular clamp and allow 24hrs drying time.
After 24hrs remove clamps and smooth any damage.
I use a clamping jig to hold the neck for doing spline work.
Broken neck heel.
Up close, neat clean split all the way through the heel.
In this scenario, the neck is a bolt on, the split has occured from one of the mounting lugs fitted into the neck

Attached link on how to remove a glued neck
To fit the spline slots, I use a slotting saw and make two cuts on each side.