"How To" Refret a Guitar
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This process follows on from how to Defret a Guitar.

Time to carry out repair approx 2hrs.
Using a flat sanding bar, we level the fretboard lengthwise until all the pencil marks are gone.
Again, remark the fretboard with a pencil
Using a shaped caul, in this situation we are using a 12 inch radius caul, we reshape the board.
Fretwire has three main measurements, crown width, crown height and tang length.
To refret a guitar we need two 2ft lengths.
Using a roller, we put a radius into the fretwire to match the shape of the fretboard.
If you followed the How to Defret process, the last thing you would have done, would have been to let the guitar sit after sanding for minimum of 24hrs to allow the wood to settle.

This continues on from there, engage the truss rod so it just comes on 1/8 of a turn
We start with again, levelling the board

With a pencil, mark the board out in a criss cross fashion.
Flat and level