"How To" Defret a Guitar
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We are going to defret a guitar, fret replacements are required occassionally to rectify warped fretboards, worn frets, or to simply change fret profilesfrom standards to jumbos or vice versa.

In this instance we are removing the frets as the board underneath is very warped.

Approximate time to complete 1 -1.5hrs over two days, wood stabilizing times.
Using a small pair of knippers we slightly ease one side of the fret out of the fretboard.
To prevent tearing the fretboard when pulling the fret, we place a small protective strip against each side of the fret.
Using the knipeprs again, we lever the rest of the fret out using the small metal shim to hold the wood in place.
One removed fret.
Do the same for every other position.
Time to loosen the truss rod compleltey off.
Let the guitar sit for 24hrs, this allows the neck wood to settle, trussod has been loosened, frets have been removed the wood wants to move.
Now that the guitar has rested,engage the truss rod 1/8 of a turn, this means we are setting the neck up with the slightest amount of tension required.

By engaging the truss rod we are changing the internal tensions, wood wants to go one way, truss rod wants to pull another.
Check the radius of the board, in this case its 14 Inch.
First remove the nut and truss rodcover
Using heat, example a soldering iron, we heat the fret first to break any glue bond that may exist.
Do the same on the opposite side