"How To" Install Rosette
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Installation of a rosette usually occurs just after making a top and before bracing is fitted.

Many tools exist for installing rosettes, from simple circle cutters, to circle routers, to scribes, the one I use gives sharp clean edges and as such is my go to tool for installation of a rosette.

Time to repair approx 1 hr
This is the rosette cutting jig, it comes from a company by the name of LMII.
To set our blades we need to know how wide the bearing is.
Take the bearing distance off the inside measurement of the rosette, divide it in half, we get a measurement of 47.56mm.
Placing the verniers up against the bearing we set a distance of the 47.56mm
Winding the bolt in the track out, we align it to our measurement.
We take a blade which is narrower than the width of our rosette.
Place it into our track against the bolt we just wound out.
We then lock the blade into place using some shims and a grub screw.
We start with just some measurements, we need the outside measurement which comes in at 125.08mm.
The jig is fitted with cutting steels, we clamp the jig to a flat bench.
Rotate the jig around and repeat for the opposite side, we are going to set the outer blade.
The inside measurement is 111.03mm