"How To" Install Fret Markers
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When you change a fret board or even convert a right handed guitar to a left handed guitar, you need to fit fret markers,

In this instance we have fabricated a new fretboard for a customers guitar, the original board was cracked at the 14th fret, so we are simply replacing the whole board, in doing so we need to replicate the existing fret markers.

Time to repair approx 1 hr over half a day.
We then transfer this measurement to the side of the new fretboard.
Using some masking tape, we identify which positions we also wish to put fret markers into the top of the board.
I also number the spots, just to make sure I do not put a fret marker in a spot where it does not need one, that would be bad.
Measure the width of the neck at the nut and at the end of the fretboard, place a mark in the centre.
Draw a line along the length of the board using our end reference points located above.
Using the ends of each fret slot, we also draw a cross line.
And repeat.
Continue for the whole fretboard.
This is a side view of the original fretboard.
Using a wooden transfer scribe, we can measure how far down the location of the fret side markers are.
Lightly scribe a line down the full length of the fretboard.
With a T square, I then transfer my centre marks to the edge