"How To" Steam a Dent out
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Occassionally a guitar will take a bump and push the wood in slightly rather than fracture it, in this situation we can steam the dent out, the steaming process softens the crushed fibres and allows them to relax, in doing so they occupy the original space before the dent.

Time to repair approx 1 hr.
We need a small wet rag.
Heat a flat spatula or butter knife over a flame.
Apply that spatula to the wet rag at the dent location, the resulting steam will soften the damaged area.
After the first steaming, most of the damage is gone, there is a small crease mark still, so we will repeat the process.
Like so.
After steaming, no residual dent left.

Leave the guitar to settle for around 4hrs, just to make sure no residual moisture is caught under any finish we subsequently apply.
We have to restore the finish and remove any high fibres from the steaming process, so with a small block I scuff the surface with 400 grit sandpaper.
Now we are ready for sealing and colour matching.
So starting point, small dent on front bout.
To steam the dent out, we must first remove any coating that may be applied, Here I am using 220 grit sandpaper to expose the wood.
Apply the wet rag to the surface and allow the wood to soak some of the moisture up.
Shellac'd and painted.
This is the damage up close.