"How To" Fix a Proud Fret
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This guitar has a little bit of buzz in a few spots over the neck, the neck itself is perfect, not a wear mark on any frets, so we are going to do a localised fret repair, if you would prefer to do a full fret level then click the attached link.

This process is addressing the fact this 3 high frets

Approximate time to complete 1 hr.
Using a black texta we mark all high spots we have discovered.
I use under neck hangars to tidy my strings up.
Use a small file no greater than the three fret gap
Lightly file the proud fret, take care its very easy to over file the frets adjacent to the proud one, it takes a little  bit of experience.
Recheck the frets to make sure no rocking exists any more.
Using a crowning file, this is a file with a curved shape to it, we reshape the top of the frets.
Remove the string hangars (spreaders), retune and test play
To start with, we need a small straight edge.
Leaving the guitar in pitch, we place the straight edge over three frets and look for any rocking of the ruler. Rocking indicates that the middle fret is high in relation to the other two.
Detune and move the strings out of the way.