"How To" Install a Soundport
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When playing a guitar acoustically, the sound you hear as the player is not always the sound people in front of you hear, some players want a better indicator / feedback of the sound they are generating, one way in achieving this, is with the installation of a soundport at the top of the guitar.

This is a controversial topic, some people feel they are great ideas, others frown upon the idea, as with anything -  pros and cons.

Either way, we install soundports if someone so wishes one fitted.

Time to carry out modification approx 1 hr over 2 days (paint drying times)
I have a template that I have made out of perspex, which I will fit into the end vice.
A small trimming router is used.
We pre-drill a hole into the side to allow the fitment of the router and cutter.
One hole.
Inserting the router into the hole, we slowly nibble the surface away down in stages, I usually do three passes to prevent tear out.
Using some 320 grit sandpaper, we smooth any sharp edges from the routing..
Like so.
As the installation of a soundpoort is subjective, you the customer must decide where the location is to be.

This guitar, the customer has indicated the upper front bout.

First we need to protect the area we are installing the soundport from being scratched and or damaged.

Just masking tape laid on the surface.
Using an end vice jig, I can clamp routing templates to the body.

Fitted, simply align the location of the soundport with the adjustment rods fitted.
All finished, just needs to be sealed
Using a cotton bud dipped into lacquer, I gently wipe the surface to seal.
Allow to dry and finished.