"How To" Remove/Refit Bridge
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This guitar has a lifting bridge and twisted top, we are going to remove the bridge, clean the surface, repair any understructure issues and then refit the bridge

Bridges lift for many reasons, High or Low Humidity, Broken internal braces, Exposed to heat (example sit in the sun or left in a car), excessive string tension, premature glue failure, literally lots and lots of reasons for failure.

Approximate time to complete 1 -1.5hrs over two days (glue drying times)
Using a heat source we heat soak the glue under the bridge, you can also use a house iron to achieve the same.
Typically 290 degrees F for 15 minutes is our starting point.
After heating soaking the bridge, we place a piece of smooth edge steel on tot he surface to work against, this prevents marking of the top.
Then a smooth spatula we try to stretch the glue bond.
Slowly but shorley working around, sometimes you have to reheat it again.
Wolla bridge off.
Whilst the bridge is off, we can see how deformed the top has become.
Even the 50ft arch is no longer consistent..
Removed bridge, note Taylor bridges have a micro route around the edge, this allows the bridge to sit over the finish and be flawless.
Bit of steam and clamping for a couple of days to flatten the top.
After the top is back to shape, time to remove the old glue.
The top on this guitar has rolled forward and the glue bond at the back of the bridge has started to fail.
First we typically remove all strings, bridge pins and saddle.
These silicon blankets need to be coupled on both sides, otherwise they burn out easily.