"How To" Age Wood
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Guitars age over time, this exposure to UV light, ages "oxidises" the wood, when we sand and repair areas of the guitar, these areas show against the original finish.

This guitars headstock needs a repair to be carried out, after the repair we haved a distinctive visual difference, this tutorial shows how we rectify that difference.

Time to repair approx 1 hr over 2 days (paint drying times)
25ml of water.
One small spatula scoop.
Stir and mix together.
Brush mixture on, it goes on purple and then oxidises the wood.
Half done.
Complete surface done.
Neutralise with water on a rag.
Once dry, lightly scuff the surface with 220 grit sandpapeer
Mis- match of repaired area to UV exposed wood.
Since its just a headstock, we will just clean the whole surface, this way we do not need to try and blend our ageing process in.
Potassium Permananate.
All aged and ready for some clear lacquer, if you want it darker, repeat the steps above until the desired colour is achieved.
We are happy with this level of Oxidisation as it blends in correctly with the rest of the guitar.