Brass Dent Repairs
A badly damaged bell - pistons are stuck and the slides are stuck!
Rear view.
Shaping mandrel.
Hammering the worst dents out!
Followed up by rolling out the dents.
Then we have to re-radius the bell.
The mandrel for lip shaping.
Reshaping the lip.
A badly bent leadpipe.
The leadpipe mandrel.
The leadpipe on the mandrel.
Rolling & straightening the leadpipe.
Slides pre-service.
Slides and pistons serviced.
This tuning slide is not fitting in the reciever.
Some of the rework tools.
Shaping the reciever.
The reciever now goes fully home on the slide.
Reciever is now re-soldered onto the leadpipe.

No lacquer work was carried out. For a spotless finish, buffing can still be done followed by re-laquering. 
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